About Us

Bell 2 Lodge has been serving travelers along the Stewart-Cassiar highway since the 1970’s. Since that time, Bell 2 has transformed itself into a must-stop destination for travelers bound between BC and the Yukon/Alaska. In the winter months Bell 2 Lodge is home to Last Frontier Heliskiing.

bell 2 lodge outside lobby. Photo - Adam Clarke


Ernie Kreese built Bell 2 Crossing in 1979 as a basic gas station and garage. Why ‘Bell 2 Crossing’ you may ask? It’s located at the second bridge crossing over the Bell Irving River. Later a small restaurant and cabins were added to the facility. In those days, highway 37 was a gravel road from Kitwanga right up to the Yukon border. It was a bumpy, dusty and adventurous ride.


Ownership changed in the mid 80’s when Pete and Kathy Kossey became the proprietors. It wasn’t until 1996, based on tales of legendary skiing potential from the infamous mountain guide Herb Bleuer, that the founding partners of Last Frontier Heliskiing; George Rosset, Franz Fux, Mike Watling and Geoff Straight set out to explore the area and its potential for a viable heliski operation. The search led them to the perfect staging area – Bell 2 Lodge. Two years later, they bought the property and established the largest single heliski area on the planet, Last Frontier Heliskiing. ‘Bell 2 Crossing’ was then renamed ‘Bell 2 Lodge’.

Between 1998 and 2003, the new owners invested heavily redesigning, refurbishing and more or less completely rebuilding the existing lodge structure as well as building all the surrounding chalets and facilities. Further upgrades were completed in 2013 to modernize the common facilities in the lodge building including the dining room and lobby/gift shop area. In 2014 the founding partners George Rosset and Franz Fux divest of their stake in Last Frontier Heliskiing and Bell 2 Lodge. George is succeeded by Mike Watling in the role of Managing Partner for both Last Frontier Heliskiing and Bell 2 Lodge.