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Liam grew up in Jasper, Alberta – a perfect place for scrambling pointy things and survival skiing. He loves to travel to cold and miserable places, as long as he has a steaming mug of tea and good grub to fry in bacon fat. He completed his undergrad (via taking the scenic route of 7 years) at the University of British Columbia in English Literature, but has only worked in jobs relating to Biology and skiing. He has worked for Last Frontier Heliskiing for the past two winters as a radio operator at Ripley Creek.
11 01, 2016

The Beautiful Village of Bell 2 Lodge

A Little Slice of Heaven - Bell 2 The Northwestern Coastal Mountains of British Columbia is wild country. Thick forests, straggly peaks, vast icefields, [...]

11 01, 2016

How to survive bear encounters.

How to survive bear encounters. Bears are associated with true wilderness and found in the wildest regions of Canada.  These awe inspiring giants are [...]

6 12, 2015

Five Scenic Stops to Alaska

The Five-Must-See-Destinations On Your Way to Alaska Getting to Alaska is never easy, especially when you drive. Instead of just getting out the compass [...]

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